PVP Shooting Games

Our player vs player shooting games support 2 - 8 players and feature team against team combat. You think AI or computer is easy to beat; what about play head-to-head match with your friends? 

Infinite War

  • 4 - 8  Players (Require two rooms booking for more than 4 players)


Forced back to their last bastion, the remnants of humanity have come together to defend what little they have left. Leading an army of undead, the infected have launched an offensive in a final bid to eradicate their enemy once and for all. The humans have fortified their positions and are now waiting for the final assault. Will you crush humanity under your boot and achieve dominion over the world? Will you survive the vicious onslaught and save humanity? In our first
PvP game, teams of four compete with each other to attack and defend. Strategy is key, and communication a must to survive.


Infinite Conflict

  • 4 - 8  Players (Require two rooms booking for more than 4 players)


Other second PVP game installment. This game is similar to tower defense game genre. Both team's mission is to destroy the enemy's communications base. This requires you to assist your robots to approach the data tower, complete data transmission before the enemy, and help your robots advance their positions. The enemies you have to face are guards, robots, drones and turrets. It should be noted that the shield of the ion cannon can only be removed by destroying the turret first. The mission lasts ten minutes, and if both bases are not destroyed at the end of the time, the side that deals more damage to the enemy base wins. Wish ya'll good luck.