Multiplayer Shooting Games

Our immersive cooperative multiplayer shooting games support 2-5 players and feature team based combat. Gear up with one of our HTC Vive Pro headsets and one of our proprietary gun controllers for an experience like nothing else you’ve seen before. Rise to the challenge and coordinate with your squad to conquer hordes of enemies and emerge victorious.

Future Collapsed

After an accident, a swarm of mutants have escaped from an illegal laboratory run by deranged scientists. Standing on top of a skyscraper, you and your team must fight your way through a swarm of mutants and secure the cure to ensure the safety of humanity. 

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The Lost Jurassic

Lost with little hope of returning home, you and your team must survive in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs rule the land. After the volcano near your base erupts and sends the dinosaurs into frenzy, you realize that you only have two options, fight or lose your way home forever. Will you and your team be able to protect your last hope or will you be trapped forever?

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Infinite War

Forced back to their last bastion, the remnants of humanity have come together to defend what little they have left. Leading an army of undead, the infected have launched an offensive in a final bid to eradicate their enemy once and for all. The humans have fortified their positions and are now waiting for the final assault. Will you crush humanity under your boot and achieve dominion over the world? Will you survive the vicious onslaught and save humanity? In our first
PvP game, teams of four compete with each other to attack and defend. Strategy is key, and communication a must to survive.

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Metro Dead End

Having survived the zombie apocalypse, you are a mercenary assigned to investigate an abandoned city. With the world in chaos and governments unable to help, you fight the undead scourge in a subway station with your team. In this desolate remnant of humanity, will you find glory or your doom?

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Dead Prison

As a survivor of the zombie plague, you and your team have volunteered to investigate a possible cure. Having reached your goal, salvation seems to be just a step away. During your escape however, you find yourself trapped with the only way out blocked by a sealed door and undead horrors in pursuit. Will you survive, or fall prey to the horde?

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Dead Prison 2

Having escaped from the prison, you and the other survivors have secured transportation back home. However, the undead horde has no intention of letting you escape alive. Surrounded, you must fight your way to freedom and finish escorting the doctor and the medicine back to safety. Danger comes from every direction, making your journey even more perilous.

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Guardian Heroes

Aliens have invaded! A giant red robot is turning people into zombies and making them attack people. Become a hero and save people from the robot and its zombies! Fight! Win! Bring peace back to the city heroes!

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Aliens have invaded earth! A giant robot is turnin people into zombies! Join up with 4-5 players and defend the scientist as he launches a cure to save the city! Play this kid-like immersive experence now! At Vr+Zone in Ferndale,MI

Guardian Heroes 2

Aliens have abducted the heroes! The heroes beat the giant robot but the aliens have taken them. Locked in a different space, the aliens make one last effort to defeat the heroes once and for all. Will the heroes defeat the aliens and return safely? Good luck heroes! Fight on Heroes!

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