Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place?

We're a virtual reality arcade that includes multi-player, dual player and single player games.

How long do games last?

Multiplayer games last approximately 15 minutes, depending on how long your team survives. 

Single and Dual Player games (Beats Hero, Super Power) last between 10-15 minutes.

VR Rides last between 2-10 minutes, with most averaging about 5 minutes each.

Is there an age-limit?

We offer games appropriate for all ages, and our suggested minimum age is 8 for all games due to the size and weight of the equipment. We do offer Guardian Heroes as a family-friendly shooting-based game.

Some games do come with content ratings. For the VR+ Rides, our staff will be able to give you those ratings before games are selected.

We do not recommend our Haunted House games for anyone under 14. While not graphic, the content can be disturbing.

You know your child better than we do, and we will allow you to choose whatever games you feel are appropriate. That being said, we will remove a headset from a child or stop the game if the child is in distress.

Do we need to book ahead of time?

You are not required to book ahead, but for multi-player games (especially if you want to play for an hour), we strongly recommend it and will not be able to guarantee that you play that day if you do not make a reservation. You can do this via our Facebook page, by calling the store or by sending an email to Our arcade-style games and rides do not require reservations.

Will you host parties? Corporate events? 

Yes and yes! We host parties for all ages! For kids we can team up with Treat Dreams or Nick's Pizza to help make your party a success, and for adults we happen to be located right next to Brook's Brewing. We will happily coordinate with them to make your party great. We have special party rates. For more information, send an email with your party details (date, time, number of people) to

We also host corporate celebrations and team building sessions. For more information, reach out to

Your parties are not limited to our store hours, either! We will happily open early or stay open late for your event.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes! We are BYO(non-alcoholic)B! Food and drinks are allowed in certain areas. Let us know ahead of time if we need to set up tables for you!

What if I want to play in an adult only environment?

Shooting aliens can bring out your potty-mouth, we get it. Look out for our posted 21+ Only times! Select Friday and Saturday nights will be 21+ Only from 9pm-Midnight.

Can I drop my kids off or do I have to stay with them?

Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Teenagers can play alone, however, anyone under 18 must have a waiver filled out by an adult prior to playing. You can either do this online under the "Waiver" tab or in the store. All students play for 50% off on Wednesdays from 2-8pm with a student ID.