We welcome you to our fight against the Zombies...

But first there are a few things you need to do:

1. Investigate your gaming options

Due to COVID-19, we are currently only running our Multi-Player Shooting Games (MPSGs), which allow for up to 4 people to play at one time. MPSGs can be booked either by the game or by the hour. Each game is around 15 minutes, and players work together to defeat the game.

When it safe to have more people and more staff in our building, we will have wireless gaming and VR Rides available. Wireless gaming allows for free movement and up to two players, while rides are single-player and best for children.  

2. Book your date and time


We are currently open by appointment only Sunday-Friday and from 2-9pm on Saturdays:


When making your appointment, include the date and time you would like, the number of people in your group​, your gaming option, and whether you would like to book for one game or one hour.

3. Sign Waivers

Everyone in your group will need to sign waivers. Adults can include children on their waivers. If you've been here before and already filled out a waiver, then you are good to go and do not need to fill out another one. You can fill out waivers at the shop, but we strongly recommend filling them out ahead of time here