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Play Beyond Reality

We offer an immersive multiplayer experience in

the realm of virtual reality. 

Infinite War

2-8 players PVP base-defense shooter

In our first PvP game for up to 8 people, you and your friends are split into teams: Defenders and Attackers. 

The Attackers are humans who have a special antibody that allows them to turn people into zombies. They work to move their team of special humans and zombies through all 3 Defender strongholds to destroy their opponents base and take over the world. They do this by taking out the Defenders and their turrets and drones so their zombies can do their dirty work.

The Defenders are afraid that this new antibody will create a terrible new world, and work to kill the Zombies with their guns and automated fighting devices. They need to hold on for 10 minutes in order to win the fight. 

All players are able to teleport to different locations throughout the game, giving them the ultimate level of control--even going behind enemy lines. You can duck and hide behind barriers that offer different levels of cover to keep yourself safe and find an advantage to advance your mission--and your enemies can do the same. 

This is our most immersive game yet, and when paired with our high-end technology creates a gaming experience that you cannot find anywhere else. 




Dead Prison

Your team's mission is to retrieve serum from an abandoned hospital flood by zombies. 

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22935 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI

(248) 850-8593

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